Pro care series

Vencil Tired Legs Gel 100ml

Gel specially designed to relieve venous insufficiency symptoms

Eliminates the feeling of foot heaviness and fatigue and has an instant cooling effect. Easily absorbed and non-greasy product.


B-Escin: A mixture of saponite that improve blood circulation.

Menthol: Relieves muscle pain, colds sore spots, has analgesic effect and reduces inflammation and swelling.

Oxymyrcin extract: Enhances blood flow to the extremities, tightens blood vessels and capillaries, preventing varicose veins and phlebitis.

Aloe: Relieves from skin injuries and discomfort.

Provitamin B5: It has a healing effect and relieves itching.


  • Local edema and hematomas after surgery
  • Symptomatic treatment for sprains
  • Rests and relaxes swollen feet and heavy legs
  • Relieves muscle and skeletal pain


1-2 times a day for 3-4 weeks.