Pro care series

Vencil Tired Legs 30 & Extra 90 Caps

Dietary supplement to treat the symptoms of venous disease

Relieves common annoying symptoms such as swelling and heaviness and maintains good venous circulation.


Butcher’s Broom (50mg): Helps improve blood circulation in the lower extremities. It is effective in cases of varicose veins & hemorrhoids treatment.

Horse Chestnut Extract (100mg): Recommended to treat symptoms such as discomfort and heaviness in the legs associated with mild circulatory disorders as well as to relieve the symptoms of capillary fragility.

Rutin (50mg): Strengthens the veins of the circulatory system and capillary walls.

Vine Leaf Extract – Red vine leaf extract (75mg): Protects blood vessels by stabilizing their walls and increases their elasticity. This maintains good venous circulation, reduces feet swelling and relieves annoying symptoms such as heaviness and pain.

Centella Asiatica Extract (75mg): It has mild antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, toning and vasoconstrictive action.

Vitamin C (40mg): Helps keep the vein walls strong and it prevents varicose veins.


  • Chronic venous insufficiency, atherosclerosis, hemorrhoids and phlebitis due to standing
  • Cramps, edema and other symptoms associated with fluid retention
  • Stasis dermatitis


One (1) capsule daily with the main meal.