Supplement series

Vencil Powerkids Syrup 200ml

Nutritional supplement for children, in syrup form, with immune-enhancing properties.

It significantly reduces the symptoms of viruses and strengthens the body's defenses to the maximum. With a pleasant Blueberry taste


Elderflower (220 mg): It has anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antimicrobial properties making it the herb of choice for strengthening the immune system, as well as, for treating viruses and colds.

Zinc (5 mg): Contributes to the treatment of the symptoms of the common cold, minimizing their intensity.

Vitamin C (60 mg): Supports the production and activity of antibodies.

Vitamin D3 (0.015 mg): Shields the immune system against viral and microbial infections.



  • Cold
  • Viruses / Acute infections of the upper and lower respiratory system



Children of ages 1-6:  5ml (1 teaspoon).
Children of ages 7-12:  10ml (2 teaspoons).
During periods of exacerbation, the daily dose may be doubled.