Hair series

Vencil Hairtonic EXTRA Lotion 100ml

Vencil hairtonic Extra offers enhanced action against hair loss thanks to the addition of herbal ingredients that increase hair growth.

Ten active ingredients work together harmoniously to rejuvenate the organic processes required for hair follicle regeneration for men and women.


Hydrolyzed lupine protein (8%): ​​This protein can reduce hair loss in both men and women and is particularly effective in DHT-induced hair loss.

Larix Europaea wood extract: Larch wood extract acts as a humectant to activate the anagen phase, i.e., of hair growth.
Camellia Sinensis leaf extract: Proven practical usefulness of tea extract in improving hair’s condition and growth.
Zinc chloride

Inositol: A compound that fights hair loss due to DHT.

Acetyl Cysteine: Sulfur amino acid that functions as a stabilizer for the formation of protein structures.

Lactis protenium: Ingredient with emollient properties.


Saw Palmetto: Limits DHT effects.

Biotin: Increases blood microcirculation to the scalp, restructures the hair and stimulates its growth.



  • Androgenetic alopecia, diffuse alopecia, alopecia areata, seasonal hair loss, traction alopecia
  • Suitable for men and women


9-10 sprays daily in the affected area, up to 2 times a day.