Hair series

Vencil Hairstay Spray (Leave-on) 200ml

Conditioner hair spray with strengthening agents against hair loss


Hdrolyzed lupine protein: this protein can reduce hair loss in both men and women, and is particularly effective in hair loss caused by DHT.

Larix Europaea wood extract: larch wood extract acts as a humectant to activate the anagen phase, i.e., the phase of hair growth.

Camellia Sinensis leaf extract: tea extract demonstrated as effective in improving hair’s condition and growth.

Zinc chloride

Inositol: a compound that fights hair loss due to DHT.

Acetyl Cysteine: sulfur –containing amino acid that functions as a stabilizer for the formation of protein structures.

Lactis protenium: Ingredient with emollient properties.


Saw Palmetto: reduces levels of DHT

Biotin: increases blood microcirculation in the scalp, restructures the hair and stimulates its growth.

Coconut oil: thanks to its high nutritional value, coconut oil helps hair to grow healthy and strong by nourishing the scalp

Argan oil: moisturizes the hair and provides excellent shine


  • Complementary hair loss treatment 
  • Thinning hair, hair loss, weak hair
  • Repairing of the weak areas of the hair structure
  • Thermal protection & anti-frizz action 
  • Light texture and pleasant aroma
  • Instant effect leaving a sense of softness and elasticity
  • Suitable for all hair types, ideal for men, women, children


Shake well and apply onto damp hair. Do not rinse out.