Supplement series

Vencil Booster Syrup 200ml

Food supplement syrup, with Black Elderberry extract to strengthen the immune system and effectively protect against viruses.

It significantly reduces the symptoms of viruses and strengthens the body's defenses to the maximum.


Black Elderberry (300 mg): Powerful natural antioxidant that strengthens the immune system and protects the body from cold or flu while limiting symptoms in case of illness.

Zinc (5 mg): Contributes to the treatment of the symptoms of the common cold, minimizing their intensity.

Vitamin C (60 mg): Supports the production and activity of antibodies.

Vitamin D3 (0.025 mg): Shields the immune system against viral and microbial infections. 

Vitamin E (6 mg): Acts as a protective shield to the cell membranes, strengthening the immunity levels, especially of the elderly.

Mallow (100 mg): Has emollient and antitussive properties, helps fight bronchitis and angina.


  • Cold
  • Diseases of the respiratory system, due to viruses
  • Vulnerable groups and the elderly


10ml daily, regardless of meal
During periods of exacerbation, the daily dose may be doubled.