Skin care series

Vencil Anaplasis Cream 100ml

Vencil Anaplasis cream is an active face and body cream that regenerates, moisturizes, protects and contributes to the restoration of dry, irritated and atopic skin


Indufence: An innovative ingredient rich in Alisma Plantago plant peptides which achieves: High degree of hydration, reduction of irritations and strengthening of the epidermal (biological and mechanical) barrier of the skin.

Urea: Provides hydration, reconstruction and restoration of lost moisture to dry skin.

Madecassoside: An herbal agent that acts as an inducer of collagen expression with healing, moisturizing and stabilizing properties.


  • Daily treatment of dry, sensitive and atopic skin
  • Ideal for face – body
  • Suitable for babies


Daily on clean skin.