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    Vencil Pharmaceuticals is a Greek company which was formed in the heart of financial crisis. Since 2010 produces pharmaceutical products marketed and distributed in domestic and international market.


  • vencil hematite

    Vencil Hematite Cream

    Intensive treatment aimed at anti-aging

    Successfully combines a number of ingredients that have rightly introduced the use of anti-aging products, others make a product innovator and pioneer.


  • vencil peeling gel

    Vencil Peeling Gel

    Exfoliation product (peeling gel) with 10% gluconolactone (PHA).

    Provides rich moisturizing and antioxidant action, is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive and can be applied during all seasons.



  • vencil eye cream

    Vencil Eye Cream

    Eye cream with anti-wrinkle, antioxidant and moisturizing effect.

    Improves microcirculation, helps prevent and reduce dark circles and swelling in the area around the eyes.

    The composition of Vencil eye cream is rich in active ingredients that fully satisfy the needs of mature skin around the eyes and includes:


  • vencil softskin

    Vencil Softskin Liquid

    Cleaning fluid for mixed or oily skin.

    Regulates the secretion of sebum has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action. Gives matte look without irritating the skin.



  • vencil cream

    Vencil Cream

    Moisturizer and regeneration suitable for all skin types.

    Contains panthenol (provitamin B5) at a rate of 5% glycerol, providing a rich moisturizing the skin, while anti-inflammatory features, soothing and healing properties.




  • vencil prolase

    Vencil Prolase Cream

    Skin cream preparation for the application of laser.

    The Vencil Prolase Cream is a product of local application of anesthetic and analgesic action, preparing the appropriate skin following application of laser and minor cosmetic surgery.



  • Vencil Body Cream

    Vencil Body Cream

    Moisturizing, protecting and revitalizing body lotion.

    Offers deep, long-lasting hydration and increases skin elasticity.


  • Vencil Hematite Cream

  • Vencil Peeling Gel

  • Vencil Eye Cream

  • Vencil Softskin Liquid

  • Vencil Cream

  • Vencil Prolase Cream

  • Vencil Body Cream

At a glance

We welcome you to our website, where you will find interesting information about our company, our operating principles and areas of activity.
Vencil Pharmaceuticals Ltd. was founded in February 2010 and is a pharmaceutical company in cosmetic technology, based in Greece.

Our main business activity is focused on production, sale and distribution of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

  • Although Vencil is new in pharmaceutical environment, has achieved recognition and penetration in the field of dermatologists.
  • It provides high quality services and skilled staff with vast experience in the field of dermatology.
  • Company's products are intended to meet the therapeutic needs of patients in the field of dermatology.